Country policies about integration


In this lesson scenario we will focus on the different integration policies each country follows. It is necessary to learn about the integration concept of each country and monitor the steps that have been followed. The scenario will focus on the example of one country as for example Greece and the „social integration model“ that this country follows. The session will focus on the different objectives of the national strategy of integration such as the labour market, education, housing, health and citizenship.

Preparation time

Preparation time is estimated to 4 hours, which consist of studying the terminology of the lesson and various examples depending on the participant’s countries/ areas of origin.

Teaching time

45 minutes

Learning Outcomes

After completing this unit, participants will be able to:

  • Have a concrete idea of the integration models,
  • Spot their country’s models,
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of the models.

Lesson Plan for F2F Teaching and Learning

45 minutes
Activity description

In this activity the trainer starts the session by openly asking the participants if they are aware of the integration policies their country follows. The session starts with theoretical questions about the integrational models, the strategies and the policies they are aware of. Which policies are regional, national, European and which are under international law?

The trainer presents the national strategies in terms of education, labour market, citizenship, housing and health. After this short presentation the trainer hands out the 2 integrational models description (multicultural integration, intercultural integration) and asks the participants to read it and afterwards to share their thoughts with the group.

The last part of the session is focused on the discussion between the participants about the integrational strategies and examples they have been experienced.

Training methods
  • Non formal,
  • Discussion.
Materials / Equipment
  • PowerPoint