Learning about the POP culture


In this lesson scenario we will focus on the pop culture. The main idea is for participants to understand what each person brings on the cultural dialogue. What kind of personal experiences, behaviors, feelings and social status each person represent? How do they define these topics?  We will also explore the subculture and its characteristics.

Preparation time

Preparation time is estimated to 4 hours, which consist of studying the terminology of the lesson and various examples.

Teaching time

45 minutes

Learning Outcomes

After completing this unit, participants will be able to:

  • Gain and expand their knowledge about pop culture,
  • Evaluate their own experiences, behaviors and learn about themselves,
  • Discuss about each person’s cultural characteristics.

Lesson Plan for F2F Teaching and Learning

45 minutes
Activity description

The trainer presents examples of pop culture and asks participants to think of their own pop culture. The trainer asks the participants about their behaviors in certain instances, their feelings but also personal experiences that affect their everyday life. The next part of this session is to identify the pop culture in comparison to the subculture. What does subculture means? How can we identify it in the different groups within the society? The trainer asks for specific examples of pop and sub culture in order to define the differences and to open discussion about the various aspects of our culture.
What aspects of our culture do we understand and which ones are invisible to others?
How can we integrate pop culture in the classrooms, teams and working groups?
The lesson focuses on the personal experiences of the participants. The trainer encourages the group to share experiences and to reflect on their personal cultural expressions.

Training methods
  • Non formal;
  • Discussion.
Materials / Equipment
  • PowerPoint